Urban Abstracts - London

An Olympus Workshop with Steve Gosling, 11th June 2016
DRS00004 DRS00007 DRS00010 DRS00011
DRS00014 DRS00015 DRS00016 DRS00017  A different representation of The Shard
DRS00018 DRS00023 DRS00024 DRS00026
DRS00027 DRS00028 DRS00029 DRS00030
DRS00033 DRS00035 DRS00038  Having a meaningful conversation... DRS00039
DRS00049 DRS00055 DRS00057  Reflection in City Hall glass (enhanced with filter) DRS00060  The Selfie
DRS00062 DRS00063 DRS00069 DRS00070
DRS00072 DRS00074 DRS00077 DRS00080
DRS00111 DRS00119 DRS00131 DRS00139
DRS00146 DRS00153 DRS00169 DRS00170
DRS00171 DRS00172 DRS00174 DRS00180
DRS00183 DRS00202 DRS00205 DRS00213
DRS00217 DRS00220 DRS00227 DRS00228
DRS00257 DRS00261 DRS00264 DRS00265
DRS00270  Plastic crates look like steel when turned to monochrome DRS00273 DRS00276 DRS00284
DRS00289  If anyone can... DRS00292  The old ice cream van DRS00297 DRS00300
DRS00306  This is a defocussed shot of an underwater LED lamp in the water feature at Hay's Galleria. Well, Steve did ask for abstract... DRS00309 DRS00310 DRS00313
DRS00315 DRS00316  Playing with the fisheye lens DRS00318 DRS00333
DRS00336 DRS00337 DRS00341 DRS00344
DRS00347 DRS00352 DRS00356 DRS00360  Another Selfie